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About Tantric Blossoming

Tantric Blossoming is dedicated to your awakening, supporting you to return to your inner source of divinity, to know yourself as bliss, love and gratitude. We create experiences through tantric sessions and workshops, to give you permission to feel, to open to your inner source of knowing and to experience orgasmic bliss vibrating through your body.

We use Tantric practices including bodywork and breathwork to support you to engage with sexual energy in your body. Feeling your natural source of sexual energy uncompromised and flowing freely through the body opens you to truly experience your masculine or feminine essence. As a result you will feel more alive and vibrant in everyday life and begin to release the places physically and energetically where you have restricted your true expression.

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About our assistants

Our team of assistants supports each Tantric Blossoming event to ensure that you have the best possible experience from start to finish. Each of the assistants has a commitment to the creation of community around this work and is happy to provide practical or emotional support as needed. Tantric Blossoming assistantsThe assistants are men and women who have expressed a commitment to their own process and a desire to live in alignment with their inner being. They come from varied backgrounds and have all explored a variety of modalities. What they have in common is that each one feels deeply moved and inspired by tantra.
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